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Manager Message

Persistency and consistency are the two props of the success of any thought or adventure or an activity. The establishment of this school some fifteen years back is what made us continue on our efforts for providing students a good environment of education. Education is actually a tripolar process which revolves around educand, educator and the environment. It is zigzag game of action & counteraction. However, the environment has to play a bigger role. Both the educand and the educator are influenced by most of the pragmatic facile of the environment.

Environment draws a web of the needs of a particular chunk of people in a particular area at a particular hour of need. This is what makes education a dynamic progress and education as such wield its scepter of influence on both aspirant viz educand and educator. Thus we need the proper dose of the standardization of every cycle of life to suit the need of the community. This is where persistency and consistency come to play their role. Eventually all our efforts lead to our success. Consistency keep us on our toes to attain the results. Regularity, punctuality, readiness, promptness make us to outplay ourselves to get a fixed target. I am delighted to conform myself to confirm what I said above.

The school is on the path to progress. I am happy that we are on the right track and within a couple of years we shall lead the area. We don't believe in showman's business but in our sincere and realistic efforts to launch the epitome of success.

I dedictated the issue of the magazine to the founder president of the school Sh. Sushil Garg and the well-wishers of the school.

"A thoughtful and consistent mind needs no ship"

Mr. Sumeet Garg

M.Sc.(Comptuter Science) LLB, B.ED


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